Sophos Firewall XGS 
Powerful Protection and Performance
Sophos Firewall and the XGS Series appliances with dedicated Xstream Flow Processors enable the ultimate in application acceleration, high-performance TLS inspection, and powerful threat protection.

Sophos Central
Sophos Central is at the heart of everything we do. Our cloud management platform provides a single pane of glass to not only manage your firewalls, but also your full portfolio of Sophos security solutions.

Synchronized SD-WAN: Powerful, reliable application routingSynchronized SD-WAN harnesses the power of Synchronized Security to optimize WAN path selection for your important business applications.
With Synchronized Application Control, discovered applications, which would otherwise be unknown, can be used for traffic matching criteria in SD-WAN routing policies. This is yet another way that Synchronized Security can improve the efficiency of your network.

Sophos Firewall offers the very best network visibility,
protection, and response to secure your public, private, and hybrid cloud environments

Protection Modules
You can choose from a number of modules to customize the protection offered by your firewall to your individual needs and deployment scenario.

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