- ArubA Ap-80M Access point

ArubA Ap-80M Access point 
ArubA Ap-80M Access point
The Aruba AP-80M is a fully-hardened, outdoor-rated, dual-radio (dual-band concurrent 802.11a plus b/g) high-performance wireless access point, capable of supporting multiple functions including WLAN access, air monitoring/wireless intrusion detection and prevention,
high-performance secure outdoor enterprise mesh and LAN bridging across the 2.4-2.5 GHz and 5 GHz RF spectrums. The AP-80M access point supports diverse deployment options, delivering secure user-
centric enterprise network services and applications around outdoor campus common areas, parking lots, and security guard points, as well as in storage yards,
indoor/outdoor warehousing and industrial production environments. Centrally managed from an Aruba mobility controller, the AP-80M empowers the network administrator with unparalleled control over services, security and deployment models. The AP-80M features dual, detachable antenna interfaces and is fully outdoor rated, It is designed for deployment in harsh environments, able to withstand exposure to extreme high or low temperatures,
moisture and precipitation, and fully sealed for protection from airborne contaminants. The AP-80M is an ideal enterprise mesh point for delivering LAN bridging or wireless mesh services.

Mobility service delivery
• Virtual AP Services:
- Supports up to 16 SSIDs per access point
- Multiple captive portals per SSID
- Supports any combination of encryption / authentication types
per SSID
- Session level QoS
- VLAN load balancing
- Guest account creation / management
• Voice Services:
- Wireless Multi-media QoS (WMM)
- 802.1p and DSCP to WMM AC tagging
- Upstream traffic prioritization
- Call Admission Control (CAC)
- Traffic classification/session bandwidth reservation
- Unscheduled power save delivery (U-APSD)
- Stateful session awareness (soft voice client QoS):
- Cisco Skinny
- Vocera
- Spectralink Voice Prioritization (SVP)
- Support for proxy-ARP and multicast filtering
- Battery Boost
- Priority queuing
- Voice aware scanning support in ARM

Downliad AP-80M Outdoor 802.11abg 2.4 & 5.pdf


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